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Catalog number: vir_Hermes60W

Hermes G5 is a canopy light provides an energy saving solution to a wide spectrum of applications such as: workshop, warehouse ,parking lot, toll gate, gas station, and etc. Hermes range of power is in between 60W to 150W with lumen efficiency of 140Lm/w and beam angle of 120°. Microwave Sensor or PIR sensor is available also. For Recessed installation (Surface installation version can be ordered separately). 

  • Equipment: MW Driver
  • Light source: High efficiency LED module with a color accuracy of CRI 70 and color temp of 3,000°K - 4,000°K.
  • Technical data
  • Light type: LED
  • Luminous flux: 8,400Lm
  • Output: 60W
  • Light shade: 4,000°K
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