gaash lighting

Mini Apollo 4500, 1 module (ME)

Catalog number: 577E044
Manufacturer: GAASH

Mini Apollo street lighting with a modern design and structure based on modular elements, allowing adaption to a variety of needs, illuminance intensities and installation heights. The luminaire is made of aluminum and is completely waterproof and dustproof. Apollo reaches life span of 118,000 light hours. designed for installation on the top of the light posts or on an arm, 6 meters or above in height 

  • Body: Die cast aluminum with an anticorrosion protection coating and a heat cured polyester paint finish
  • Equipment: Integral driver. Can be ordered with a variety of command and control options
  • Optical system: A system of high efficiency PMMA lenses, sealed with silicone sealant and especially tailored for street lighting, with an ingress protection rate of IP66. A variety of optics are available – T2, ME, T3, and AR
  • Light source: High efficiency LED module with a color accuracy of CRI 70 and color temp of 3,000°K - 4,000°K. Can be ordered at various levels of luminous efficacy for energy saving purposes
  • Installation heights: Installed on an adjustable or non-adjustable horizontal arm. 4-8 meters heights
  • Technical data
  • Light type: LED
  • Luminous flux: 4,245Lm
  • Output: 32W
  • Light shade: 4,000°K
Granite gray
*Gaash lighting reserves the right to modify data in product without prior notice