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Recessed Hetz LED 1838

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Recessed exit sign using LED technology for one-sided and two-sided sings according to EN-1838 standard. Suitable for office buildings, shopping centers, institutions, factories and production plants, warehouses, halls, etc.
Improved electronic circuit providing control over battery charging, including cut-off protection to ensuring battery life span.
Equipped with self-test system and LED colour  indicator in according to IEC 62034 and 20.2.22 standard

Body: Aluminum, epoxy-polyester powder coating

High transparency acrylic, based on the total internal reflection principal for maximum illumination. Font size complient with fire Department regulations.

Emergency Module: Dual purpose EM

Battery: NI-Mh.

Emergency time: 180 minutes

Installation: recessed on ceilings.

Cut-out dimensions: 370X55 mm

Finish: White.

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