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Square Deco LED
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A series of recessed LED panel luminaires with a paper thin design, for illuminating designed spaces, offices, lobbies etc.

Body: Aluminum, epoxy-polyester powder coating.

Optical system: High efficiency luminaire utilizing Edge-lit technology, which prevents glare and contributes to uniform light dispersion.

Light Source: High color accuracy - CRI 80; color temp 3,000K , 4,000K, 5,700K and 6,000K.

Equipment: Driver. Model with dimmer available by order.

Installation: Recessed installation in ceilings.

Finish: White.

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Type Cat. No.

Lumen Output
of Luminaire

(including driver)

 85X85 mm 5Z00422 185Lm


110X110 mm 5Z00424 240Lm


120X120 mm 5Z00426 360Lm
150X150 mm 5Z00428 650Lm
170X170 mm 5Z00430  880Lm  12W
192X192 mm 5Z00432  1,200Lm  15W
225X225 mm 5Z00434   1,400Lm  18W
300X300 mm 5Z00436   1,850Lm  24W
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*Color temp for listed Cat. No: 4,000�K.
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