Gaash Lighting to Showcase Innovative LED Lighting Solutions at the ARC Show in London

London, UK, February 7, 2012 - Gaash Lighting, an innovative manufacturer and developer of high-quality lighting, will present advanced outdoor and indoor lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors at the ARC Show, which will take place in London on 29 February-1 March 2012.

Gaash Lighting will showcase its lighting fixtures at the company's booth G2, at the Business Design Center.

All Gaash products are specifically designed to generate significant energy savings, high light efficiency and offer maximum flexibility. 

Gaash will present, among others, the following solutions:

*           Decorative outdoor LED street lighting - the Venus, Polaris Top LED and Uranus LED are functional and stylish LED fixtures for illuminating main roads, streets, open public grounds, parks, public gardens, and more.

*         Interior lighting - the Meteor LED line is an innovative luminaire, which provides both direct and indirect lighting. The advanced design concept and soft and restful ambiance makes it ideal for illuminating offices, boardrooms, hospital wards, etc.

 *         Interior lighting for industrial areas - the Pentalight Centro is a low profile luminaire for the illumination of high and low bay halls, warehouses, and more.

"The ARC show will provide European lighting distributors, OEM's and importers with an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Gaash's advanced LED lighting solutions," said Asaf Cikman, general manager of Gaash Lighting. "It will also give us an opportunity to demonstrate our proven abilities to provide tailor-made high-quality lighting solutions at reasonable prices." 

Gaash products are known for their reliability, ease of installation and maintenance. With most products predominantly designed and manufactured in-house.


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